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How to close an account amicably.

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Six months ago I moved from a city location to a small outback town. Initially the service provided by TPG was about the same, but it has since deteriorated to being at best a nuisance; and, if present trends continue, unusable.


I posted an earlier thread requesting advice:


... but received only an overseas phone call from a polite Filipino lass saying that she was "sorry". This does not resolve my service issues.


I am now seeking advice as to how to close my TPG account AMICABLY. I'm grateful for the service I enjoyed in the city, but cannot use it here. It seems that TPG has an "automatic suckhole" into my bank account, and I want to close it. I DO NOT WANT TPG SUCKING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT AFTER 21 NOVEMBER 2019. How do I ensure this?


Hi @52midnight 


We regret to hear that you consider discontinuing your service with us.


We checked the account and it appears that your Mobile service is affected by a planned network maintenance to improve the service in the area and the ETR is on the 20th of November, 2019.


If you are decided, will arrange a call from our Accounts team to discuss this further for you.


They'll be in touch with you between 5PM - 6PM today.