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How to update credit card?

Level 2

I am on the old PAYG mobile plan ($1 per month).


I am unable to top up my prepaid balance, as the credit card listed in 'Payment Details' is now expired. There does not appear to be any option to update with my new credit card details.


I have tried to do so on the old 'My Account' page (, however, despite my bank account being charged $1 ("Please note TPG will immediately debit the credit card for any outstanding amount owing or an amount of $1 if there is no current amount owing. This debit is to confirm with your financial institution that the card number and CVC are correct."), the new credit card hasn't translated over to what I see on


Attempting to top up my prepaid balance simply results in a SMS reading 'Payment has failed for your mobile prepaid balance top up. Please check your available funds or try again at'.


Hi @arl148


I would recommend checking out these Community articles: 


If you still require further assistance, let us have your TPG mobile number via PM in order for us to assist you further.