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International Roaming

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Level 3
No I am still overseas. Only relying on iMessage on my phone, and free wi fi,
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Hi, join the club... I have been waiting for weeks.  I only have incoming calls & SMS  NO outgoing.  Good luck!

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TPG & customers - FYI.   Thursday 11 Jan 2018


I'm have hugh problems with international roaming with TPG after years of trouble free roaming with Telstra.


With TPG, in France there are 4 providers shown on my iPhone 6.  When I turn OFF "Automactic" service proveres.  Here is the result for each:

Free: - "NO SERVICE"


SFR:-  incoming calls and SMS work OK.  Outgong call and SMS - FAIL..!   

F-Bouygues Telemon - "NO SERVICE" 

Level 3
Level 3

Sadly, you will have no success, had exactly the same issues as you in Vietnam