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International roaming not working

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Have had no luck getting international roaming to work in Switzerland and France. Multiple emails to TPG has failed to find a solution. Roaming took ages to be recognized on the phone and calls and SMS just refuse to connect. Tried multiple reboots and switches to other handsets. Nothing seems to work other than wifi. TPG now no longer responds to requests for help. Very inconvenient when travelling. Have bought a local SIM which works fine, but wanted the convenience of international roaming, Very disappointed.


Hi @MrCelery,


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Thank you for raising this with us and we would like to look into it to your account to understand the situation. Please shoot me a private message with your TPG username or CID number.



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Been in Europe since 14 Dec 2017. Countries include Germany, Czech Rep, Austria and Hungry. Can receive texts and calls but cannot send/make them. Numerous emails to TPG. No solutions just “google responses”. I waited for five days for a response on one occasion. When I followed up I finally got a response. It apologised for taking five days but had no solutions. Continually request for my problem to be escalated to someone that can assist. Now logged the issue on Whirlpool forums. 

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Got feedback from whirlpool forums re: a possible solution. Provided the feed back to TPG. I have now had a response from TPG that my problem has been referred to the appropriate department!

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Hey there, I'm in the UK at the moment going through the same problems - what was the solution they suggested on whirlpool?

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I've just spent 2 weeks in Vietnam, no success, only $480 on my credit card that won't be reimbursed for 30 days!


I received numerous suggestions, trying other providers, making sure my mobile no's had international codes, turning the phone on/off.  No luck!  This is the first and last time I will rely on TPG for International roaming.  In the past I have purchased a sim and had a different no, next time I will do the same.


Sadly TPG cannot provide a service that they charge a huge amount for in advance

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Yes, I was told my problem was referred to the appropraite department, 5 days later I was advised to turn my phone off and on.  By then 2 weeks of my holiday had passed and I was on my way home.

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Hi @lft, @MrCelery, @MD and @pjb


Just an update on the International roaming issues that you guys have raised in this post.


We raised these examples to Vodafone management who identified an issue on their end that was causing these issues for TPG roaming customers.

The good news is this issue have now been fixed by Vodafone.


Thanks again guys for your patience and for giving us the feedback to resolve this issue.

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Rather than an apology, how about expediting the return of the $500 deposit we are owed. What's the interest on $500 x 2 months x how many hundreds who were affected? Nice little earner for TPG that, hey!

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Was it an apology, I read it as an attempt to shift the blame to Vodaphone. I don’t get billed by Vodaphone. It’s TPG’s responsibility to provide a service how they do it is not the customers concern.


In relation to the money absolutely agree.


Also, from experience TPG are not that keen on reimbursing the prepayment. On the last occasion the reimbursement was still outstanding well over 30 days after international roaming was disabled. It was only returned after a threat to lodge a compliant with TIO.