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Mobile Phone Voicemail

Level 1a

An important voicemail has been inadvertantly deleted from my voicemail via my phone.

I would really like to hear it if possible.Is there any way to retrieve this message?I have tried calling technical support but it has been over 15 minutes now without any answer so I am trying this instead.

Level 1a

40 odd minutes on the phone before anyone answered, over an hour later still talking to the technical support people. Could not get a straight answer, led round in circles by someone who clearly had no idea and was reading sections of the website back to me. Utterly, appaling experience, complete waste of time.


I'll spend the time looking for a different carrier, definitely understand what I was paying for at the last place now.....


Hi @Lurkin,


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The VoiceMail message cannot be recovered once deleted.


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