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Mobile outbound services not working.

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My mobile phone will not make outgoing calls as of today 18/03/20 (incoming calls receiving OK). I may have exceeded my data allowance, but have fixed this today by responding with 'UNBAR' to initiate a $20.00 pre-payment. I have subsequently tried ALL avenues to get the service restored, but to no avail, (help-desks, online chat, calling hotline, email customer support, blah, blah, blah.) This exercise is extremely frustrating, and annoying given the importance of a phone service right now, relied upon wholly and solely by myself, the same as no doubt millions of others in the community. The corona virus is not the full excuse as I and others have experienced this sort of delay and lack of customer support previously with TPG. If you want your client base to continue to support YOU, customer support needs to step up, a lot. Can I please get my outgoing calls restored A.S.A.P.??   This is REALLY, REALLY important (to me, anyway)....and,


No, I can't call you (as my mobile is my only phone available and it's not working), and I can't borrow another's phone again and wait on hold for 2 hours, listening to the recorded message telling me to go back to the chat line, which has failed me 3 times already. And I cannot afford to be without the service for yet another day, waiting for some fictitious technician to call me back within 1-2 hours....which never happens. me TPG.   


Kind Regards,