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I have just read a message where a customer was enquiring about changing from the old 1.5GB plan to the new 2 GB plan but will lose their ta loyalty discount.


We have 3 mobile plans with TPG, all on the "old" 1.5GB plan and have never been offered such a discount.  Furthermore, I would have expected TPG to offer us to switch to the new 2GB plan given it is better value.  I am looking to put another mobile on a plan and just happened to come across this option from TPG but am now considering taking all our business to another carrier who offers 2.5GB for $20 a month or 1.5GB for $14 month - both are better value options for us.


TPG should show its existing customers better service and you might then hold onto them.



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Thanks for that but I am already informed about your existing plans. 

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Hi @emmag,


Welcome to the community!


I'd love to help and pass this on to the relevant team for further investigation.


Kindly, PM me your account details (customer ID, best contact number and preferred time today).



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Hi there

Yes same with me - I swapped from the $550 deal where I got $3 a month discount to the $19.99 a month plan as it was better with unlimited calls etc - but now not receiving my discount. We have 2 mobiles, NBN and home phone with TPG yet no more discounts!!


If other people are receiving a discount can I too please? 


Good day @toneskaz,


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We'd like to arrange a call from our Mobile team to look into your account to provide information on our existing plans.


Please shoot me a private message with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


Kind regards,

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Thanks for that but I am already informed about your existing plans. 

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My home internet bundle is currently with Telstra. I would like to seek advice on:


1. Can I just join TPG's mobile plan? 


2. Can I please keep my existing mobile number?






Hi QJin2020, 


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We are very excited to become your mobile service provider. We encourage you to check our website for our mobile plan offers at 


We also cater mobile porting request, to learn more, you may read our community article for 

Porting or Transferring your Mobile Number to TPG at


Meanwhile, we kindly ask you to read our new community article about 
TPG customer support channels during COVID-19 outbreak