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Is there a maximum size of any pics or videos that can be sent via text message? I've been trying to send a video (only a couple of seconds long) to someone not on TPG and it won't go through. I have had the same issue with photos as well but not every time.




Hi @Suzie65


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There is no minimum characters when sending SMS/MMS to Australian numbers. You will only be charged if you are sending to an International number (50¢ per message (max 160 characters).


You can find these information by going to > Critical Information Summary


Are you also experiencing issues when sending normal SMS? 


You may visit this article to help you check some settings on your mobile phone which may resolve your issue:


Having trouble sending SMS?



If the issue persists, let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call so we can have a member of our Mobile support to contact and assist you. 







Hi Suzie65. Seems to be a limit about 295KB on my Android phone. You can try this. In the Message app, attach a "Record video" file. The camera app opens. Press the Video camera icon. A progress bar shows with the file limit. The camera is also set to a lower resolution than normal. The recording time depends on what you are recording. Any mp4 file you have is probably too big in the first place. 

With pictures, the message app compresses the jpeg file so you can fit more than one picture per message. Unless your camera has a zillion pixels and the picture can't be compressed enough.