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Sim activation issue

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Hi @Lesleymsmith


I can see that one of our Complaints Resolution case manager is closely working on the case. She will continue to work closely with our Mobile provisioning team and will provide you further updates via e-mail.


If you have any other query regarding your complaint, please do not hesitate to contact your Complaints Resolution case manager directly via return email.




Level 3
Thanks @Erika but how’s the complaints department going to fix it??

Eagerly waiting for this to be fixed. Was going to add another mobile service to my account but after this I am reconsidering.

Thanks for you help.

Hi @Lesleymsmith


They have been putting pressure to our provisioning team to ensure that this case will be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. 


You may contact directly via email should you have further queries regarding this case. 



Level 3
And still nothing.

No new communication and no service.

Time to take it further. This is pathetic TPG. A week on and still no incoming calls.

Level 3
And now no outgoing calls. No nothing.

Disgraceful TPG.

Maybe the telecommunications ombudsman should hear about this.

Level 3
Finally resolved after having someone else deal with the situation that clearly wasn’t hard to fix.

Thanks tpg for nothing

Hi @Lesleymsmith


Thanks for looping us in. 


We do not wish to cause inconvenience to you as our customer. I can only imagine how frustrating your experience has been.


Our Complaints Resolution Case Manager will contact you further to discuss the complaint that has been raised regarding this fault. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know. 









Level 1b
Emails say ready to activate - activated and number ported successfully but still saying sos?!?

Hi @kristyace


Welcome to the Community! 


Apologies if you are still unable to use the service as expected. 


Kindly try the following steps below to see if this will make the service work:

  • Power cycle the handset. After turning off the handset, battery should be removed. Put it back after at least 10 seconds, then turn on the handset. For handsets like iPhone or any handsets which don't have a removable battery, restart must be done.
  • Complete a manual network selection
    • You may need to select another network, then select Vodafone/Optus/Roaming and then turn the phone off and on again.
  • Change Network Mode/Preferred Network (from 4G to 3G or vice versa).
  • Do isolation test (try a different handset and/or SIM card)


Should it still not work after performing the troubleshooting steps above, let us know of your best contact time & number via private message so we can organise a call back to be made from our Mobile Technical team. 



Thank you!