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Unable to access voicemail

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Seems like TPG voicemail stopped working recently??? have had TPG mobile and voicemail for many many years


When dialling from my mobile phone, it asked me enter my mobile number, which it shouldn't, but after entering mobile number 04xxxxxxxxxx#,

It just goes to "The number you have called can't be accessed. Goodbye." and hangs up


When I dialed my mobile to see of Voicemail is working, it seems to have lost my voicemail setting and default back to standard, and my mobile phone informs me I have new message, please dial 121.....


This is dialling locally in Australia


Logged into TPG mobile account, voicemail says active.


Phoned TPG support yesterday, been informed they will need to reset my TPG mobile voicemail and wait for a text when its done, not sure how long I am suppose to wait.........


Hi @PC069,


Were you trying to access your voicemail overseas? If so, you may follow the instructions below:


For retrieving the Voicemail overseas, you need to dial "+61414121121".


Afterward, you need to:


  • Press ‘*’
  • Enter your mobile number starting with '04'
  • Press ‘#’
  • Enter your voicemail security code
  • Press ‘#


You may also try setting up your voice mail again. You may check this article on how to How To Set up Voicemail and Visual Voicemail for TPG Mobile.


For further assistance, please send your TPG mobile number via private message




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My issue is exactly the same.
my wifes phone has same issue

121 voicemail not working
call it and then requested to enter phone number and press hash the get message "the number you called cannot be accessed through this number" and hangs up

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Just went through TPG support again


Looks like this is a known issue and their engineers are working on it, Voicemail issues has been raised since this FRIDAY

Even dialing the other TPG internal 121x voicemail numbers I am getting this number cannot be connected


You might want to log ticket with TPG support so they can message you when its fixed and what post fixes we may need to do





Level 2

I'm encountering the same problem, think it has been going on for a few days.


When I diall 121 for voicemail, I receive the following message:

'Your call couldnt be connected, please check the number and try again.'


I called the TPG Customer Service number today but was unable to get hold any staff members to answer my call.


Is there any way a staff member is able to help out??


Any assistance will be appreciated  - like the others here I am living in Australia and have not been trying from overseas.



Hi @jb40


Send us a private message with your TPG mobile number and we'll raise an escalation on your account. 

How do I private message (PM) in the community