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Unable to activate visual voicemail

Level 2

We recently changed my daughter's phone to TPG so she could have visual voicemail on her iPhone10 but  cannot get Visual Voicemail to work.


We've had long conversations with both Apple and Ben on the TPG helpline and have done everything suggested to activate it.

We've tried resetting Voicemail password under the "Setup" button, turning the phone on and off, resetting network connection, phoneing 1217 etcetc, everything that was suggested.  

Entered a password (twice the same). It then after the "Saving password...".mgs get the Voicemail error message:




We have tried network setting reset and also also tried dialing 1217 to setup visual voicemail, but this didn't work either.


We are able to retrieve standard voicemails via 121. 


We transfered her to TPG specifically for the availability of VV. 

I notice that there was another message about this same problem as well. Help would be much appreciated




Hi @kmindum1


We've created an article on How To Set up Voicemail and Visual Voicemail for TPG Mobile


If the issue persists, let us have your MSN or Customer ID via private message in order for our Mobile Team to assist you further. 







Level 2

I have the same problem. I have sent over 5 days working with different TPG and Apple 'tech suport' people. Did you ever get an outcome or solution.