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Voice mail on iPhone not working properly

Level 2

I recently ported my number from Telstra to TPG on a SIM Only Plan. I have an iPhone 7+ running IOS 15.4.1

I followed the TPG instruction to set up the Voice mail and have used dial up tech support numerous times but have never achieved correct functioning of the voice mail. I can access voicemails by calling 121, but my phone never gives me an SMS, message of notification that I have voice mail. I need to randomally call 121 to see if there are any messages.

Don't tell me to simply dial 1217, or 1214, or 1218, any of the ** number sequences. None of these has worked to date.

My partner has a TPG SIM Only Plan and an iPhone (running the same IOS). On that service the Voice mail works correctly. That is to say the iphone phone app voice mail icon shows messages and allows replay, it also receives notifications that a missed call has occurred and a message has been left.

Please assist me. I am not willing to continue to randomally call 121 to see if I happen to have a voice mail.


Thank you 


Hi @Stonie64


We'd like to look into it further and see what we can do to resolve this as soon as possible.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.