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What does “barred data” mean?

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I’m not sure anyone is listening when you try to contact tpg but I’m out of options. I use my phone data to work and yet, I received a text message saying my data has been barred due to insufficient prepaid balance. I have no idea what it means and I don’t understand why I need to manually pay for/buy credit? When I have set up automatic transfer to tpg covering my payment?

I have not been able to work. I have spent the entire day trying to figure out how the bloody hell to contact tpg to rectify this. It’s simply the most frustrating costumer experience I’ve ever had. Phone calls, emails, online account searches. Non of these have been useful. Is there anybody listening?!
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Plus, they keep saying call that useless number no one picks up. Why encourage people to call if no one’s picking up?

Hi @Dan3

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for raising this to us. All TPG services are prepaid. Customers must pay the monthly recurring charges in advance. If you wish to use the service for usage that is not part of the included value your plan. You will need to have a Prepaid balance to cover the excess charges.

If there is insufficient funds in the Prepaid Balance, you won’t be able to use their service for excluded or excess usage until you add value to their Prepaid Balance. Unfortunately, there is no automatic top-up for the Prepaid Balance. You may add a prepaid balance anytime via My Account on our website.

We did an article that you may find helpful. This will guide you on how to dd a prepaid balance.


How to add Mobile Prepaid Balance


Let me know how it will go and should you require further assistance.



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Hi Shame,

Thank you for your reply although it turns out, TPG has a technical hitch which resulted in my my account being barred for 4 days.

It is a complete joke that I should be without service for that long and be unable to reach the so called technical team to assist me. I los a lot of business in those 4 days and had to do a manual top up with lasted a few hours because of how incredibly expensive that service is.

I got a phone call ( Surprising as it may sound, they called me after 200 failed attempts to reach customer support) with a lady apologising and saying they would restore my service and compensate me for the cost and loss of on my business. Well, she called me once, after my service had been restored and how dare I miss that call!? That’s it. No phone call since.

So, you, owe me TPG. I had paid for a service that wasn’t provided at a crucial time in my life. My wife went into labour on the second day and I took forever before I found out, through a friend. How could you not take this seriously? The emotional stress I went under because I couldn’t use my phone and didn’t know what was happening was cruel.

I’m still waiting for that call. Perhaps I should call fair trade first

Hi @Dan3,


We're sorry to hear about the inconvenience this has caused.


We would like to help you reach the best possible resolution without you having to approach the independent umpire, escalating internally may also result in a much quicker resolution timeframe.


We'll chase this with our Mobile team and have someone to call you within the day to discuss this further.





Hi @Dan3


We understand that our Mobile team has been in touch and discussed the case.


They'll provide you with further updates via email as soon as it becomes available.


In the meantime, if you have any further enquiries or require general information on the matter, contact us here and we'll be sure to get this coordinated for you.