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cannot send but can receive SMS on TPG Mobile on Android phone

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Earlier today I was able to send/receive sms using my Samsung Android phone on the TPG/Vodafone Network.

Now, I can only receive SMS's.

I checked the Message Details:

Type: Text message

To:  Husband (+61#######)

Sent:  12:06 PM, 12 Feb

Delivery report:  Not requested

Status:  Failed


If someone can help, would be much appreciated.






P.S.  I checked account balance which is in credit.


Hi @dkdsanderson


Welcome to the Community! 


We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues in using the sevice. We're here to help! 


Have you tried any troubleshooting so far? If not, try restarting your mobile phone and then send an SMS to your own number. Let us know hot that goes.


We also need to check further if there is any active bars on your account. In order to do so, could you please send us with your Customer ID or mobile number via private message so we can pull up your account? 



Thank you! 

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Hi Ahra_G,

Yes, I had already tried rebooting the phone, I also turned the phone off and let it sit for 10 mins before restarting the phone.  But this did not make any difference, the phone still won't send SMS's to anyone.  Receiving SMS is no problem, and making and receiving calls is no problem.

After checking my account I can see there are no national bars, just bars for international.

I will send phone details shortly.






Got your PM, @dkdsanderson


We have remotely refreshed the outgoing feature of your phone on our end. Kindly restart your phone again, wait for approximately 15mins then try sending another SMS to your own number. 


Let me know if that resolves it, otherwise, we will have one of our Mobile Tech support to contact you and perform troubleshooting along with you. 





Level 1c

Fantastic!  This has solved the problem. 

Now, Happy Wife, Happy Life !!!


Thanks for help.





Indded! Glad to hear that it's sorted now, @dkdsanderson! Smiley Happy


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again should any assistance arise.