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Can anyone help - unable to access TPG email

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Engineers are working on the problem , your not driving a bloody train , get some IT techs on the floor

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TPG #1 Incompetent
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We need a class action for lost revenue who’s in?

Hi All, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. Our network Engineer is working round the clock towards a resolution.


The root cause has been found and multiple solutions are being worked on to achieve the resolution in the quickest possible way.


You may check our Service Status Page located here for updates:


We also posted our statement available here:


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This should be on the national news. How many hundreds of clients have been affected that haven't found their way to this community? TPG is not giving clients the full story.

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The service status is a joke it just keeps getting changed when it gets close to the time, I don't think TPG knows when it will be fixed.

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According to TPG's Service Status, the estimated restoration time for this CRITICAL issue is now 5:00am tomorrow. That will be the third continuous day for this on-going outage. Together with the same outage that occurred last month this is not a good look for supposedly the #1 national carrier/ISP.

Why has such a critical service been allowed to have an outage for 3 days? Why haven't the TPG engineers switched the service to back up servers? (I'm making the assumption that a communications/technology organisation the size of TPG has well practiced back up plans and contingency server capability for such outages?)

This needs to be fixed quickly and the service restored.

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Tried calling techinical support and got hung up as soon as I mentioned about the email account issue. This is your TPG  customer service! You can not just keep pushig out the time when the issues will be fixed, can't run my business like this for a paid email service.

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Level 3

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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My business email at chariot internet (tpg) has also been down for over 48 hours and the chariot website (who hosts my website) does not even have any information about the problem.Tried to phone...was on hold for 80 mins..finally answered by someone in the Philippines?? and told TPG are working to solve the issue. If it has taken this long...and the status on TPG website has changed to "resolved by 5pm 30-9-19" lets the business is suffering badly..and a pat on the head to tell me all will be fixed...but when? No where near good I need to go elsewhere for hosting and email?