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Disgraceful support from TPG. The worst I have seen from any company. Urgent contact

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Dear TPG,


I have been trying to contact you for the last FOUR weeks to no avail.

- Tried 4x on the online chat. Was told repeatedly that someone would call me back, no one did. This was to arrange for a new plan to move home. I did this over 2 weeks.

- Then, I requested a cancellation of my service. The operator on the online chat told me I would receive a call back, this never happened. I did this twice


I am moving home tomorrow with a new provider. Since you refuse to allow your customers to have any contact with you (the online chats are always busy and jammed), nor do you ring customers back - please take this as notice that I am cancelling my service. I will be instructing my credit card company to block all future charges. Should there be a dispute, I will refer to this post and also take it up with the ombudsman.


I am so glad I am leaving TPG. Everyone understands the severity of the situation, but that does not mean you get to run the company and customer support by the string of a thread. I have been a TPG customer for 9 years and I didn't expect to be forced to leave.


Extremely disappointed.




Sandeep Grandhi