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Email problems again today

Level 3

Before "the messaging company" came along I have 4 email addresses that the family use and the setup was one primary adress and 3 slave addresses. Yes I went through the process of validating each email account and my desire to keep them all before the migration of TPG's email service.

So along comes "the messaging company" and ever since then I have had no end of problems with the former slave addresses, my client is Thunderbird.

I experience many times over the last 6 months that Thunderbird fails to login on the former slave addresses and I am getting tired of these consistant failures. I never seem to have any issues with the former primary email account. TPG - this is not a reliable service that you have forced us onto..


Level 7

By 'slave' do you mean 'alias'?


Hi @bfittler . Have you been notified that all your email addresses have been transferred to TMC, or are all or some still with TPG? Do they get the TPG Post Office layout or the TMC layout?

I suspect that TMC will treat your addresses as 4 separate addresses with no association between them. Even on TPG, the slave mailboxes were all separate from each other and from the primary.


So, your "slave" addresses have some problems.

Assuming they have been transferred, how do they go when using the web interface? (Either TPG or TMC.)

Do they seem to receive emails that have been addressed to them? Not receiving emails addressed to the other "slave" addresses? Your primary address can send to them ok?


Regarding Thunderbird. Do your family members use different devices to access email? Or, does the one Thunderbird handle all addresses?

What error does Thunderbird give when it fails to login?

The TMC web interface was down this morning for a couple of hours. 


Level 3

I received notifications that all of my emails have been transferred to TMC. I do recall they were called "slave" email addresses but I could be mistaken. When I tried these "slave" addresses via webmail I was presented with a login page that had the TPG and TMC logos, all 3 of these email "slaves" failed login at any attempt.  I did not test if I could receive simply because thunderbird could not login. The "slaves" are set up on 2 PC's , 1 using primary and 2 "slaves"  and 1 with just a "slave", the primary never stopped working during this failure.

Re error message - "Thunderbird failed to login". It all came good about 2 hours after I posted original comment. The next time I have another failure I will take particular notice of the error response both by my client and webmail. Given the fact that my so called "primary" did not fail - could it be it has not been transferred to TMC? . I have checked the config of the Thunderbird installations and is set up as TPG suggests.


Level 3

Update - my "primary" has not been transferred , logging in takes me to TPG's webmail page. so that would explain why the "slaves" failed if TMC had an outage.