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Home Wireless Broadband - Status Lights / Signal Quality

Level 2

Just received my Home Wireless Router 


Questions - What purpose are the 4G status LED ? It goes like traffic lights from None to Red to Yellow and Green ?

I get its related to signal strenght 25 / 50 / 75% is what I can see on the Status


I tried putting it as close to the window as possible ( any closer it would outside ) ... but makes only a slight difference ?  What do the antennas do that re included ? are they for Wifi or Mobile  network?


There is little info on the TP-Link AX5400 - or manual.


This service has dropped out 4 times in the first day ....... Am I in a bad signal area  ?   I have a 4G mobile tower almost across the road .........  I might have to switch back to NBN copper


Home users say it drops out - but LED status does not reflect connectivity - I have had no 4G LED , but I still seem to be connected.  Not sure how reliable this is ....... Any ideas to assist before I cancel within the first 7 days I can go back to NBN ?


Hi @ant01jan2


You may check out the Community articles below to learn more about the Home Wireless Broadband:


If the issue persists, let us have your TPG Customer ID or username via private message so we can assist you further. 


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community




Level 6

I think that it would be nice if the resolution were posted!


Hi @drbob , may we know if you are having issues with the service?

Level 6

I was experiencing similar problems (and therefore would have been keen to know how the story ended) but then the problems went away and no, I am not currently experiencing issues with the home wireless broadband service. If someone had closed the thread with the solution, I am sure many would have benefitted from it.

By the way, thanks for following up.

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Hi Ahra


I wih to cancel this trial and go back to NBN


Evidently we have had Zoom calls and gaming problems


Ping times on ADSL were 7ms whilst on Home wireless about 24 ms


I will most likely upgrade my NBN speed




Level 2

Hi Bob


Never got a resolution - the user experience was enough.


It was an attempt to get rid of that pesky land line and save some money


But didn't work for me


BTW - those 4G status lights don't seem to reflect the connection is up or down ( rather ignore them)




Level 6

Hi Antony,

Sorry to hear that your trial was not a positive one. I guess that by now you are back to NBN? By the way, what kind of hardware did you receive? From your descriptions in your first post, it seems different from mine (Vodafone Hub 2.0, NL1902).

My experience with the 4G Wireless Home Broadband service is very positive if you exclude the initial angst of no 4G related LED turning on and no connection. Since then I have been getting a superb internet connection without a single drop out  in  spite of what appears to be poor signal  levels. I noticed that yesterday afternoon and this morning I am seeing two signal LEDs on rather than one, Download speeds are close to the advertised 20Mbps and defintely above my NBN 12Mbps. The main problem I experienced was with WiFi but things seemed to have settled down now. So, I am thinkging that I shall allow TPG to cancel my NBN service today athough there are two things that are worrisome:

1. Who pays mobile charges when someone calls my landline number and the call is forwarded to a mobile phone?

2. A couple of months ago I had to call the USA (multiple times) and the call rates over the landline was around $0.02 per minute. Calling USA with my mobile plan will cost me about five times more! Also I note that 1300 numbers are also charged per minute as compared to single charge of $0.30(?). On the plus side, I rarely make these kind of calls, so, I guess in the event I have to make them, their costs would have been more than offset with the savings...

3. There is a third thing that I am thinking about; port forwarding. I wished TPG couild provide a solution.