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NBN mismatch address, not working, very upsetting

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Hi there,

I can not express myself how furstrating and upseting enough with TPG handling my account.

7 weeks ago, my internet was not working, i was told one of the techinical support will come and fix it on Monday, it was ok as I understood that it took 2-3 days for someone to come. Then Monday when technical supporter came, they found out they had wrong address and left told me to call and disscuss with TPG. I contacted TPG straight away and TPG told me there was mismatch with NBN and their record regarding to my home address, and someone would contact me the next day after they did investigate.

Tuesday, after waiting, noone contacted me, I called back and yes went through 1-2hours on the phone (waiting - explained myseft again and again the situation, department pass through other department) nothing was solved or updated.

For my understanding, I was with TPG 8 years, they came and installed NBN since 2015, i have no problems with them until now. They cut my internet becasue they said it was mismatch address. 

Anyway, Wed, i called in again, they told me i need to provide my bills or whatever to show that I have been living in this address ( yes, after 8 years, they want me to prove ) , i was furstrated , why noone said anything on Monday that i need to prove my home address. And they told me becasue i havent proved my home address, that why nothing can be fixed. Yes, after another 2-3 hours on the phone with them, that what I got for response. I emailed them straight away, and they said yes they will update me. 

Thursday, nothing was updated, I called in again , yes as usual, 2-3 hours on the phone, explained myself again and again, then finally , they said they want the number behind the NBN box which was installed in my house. 

Yes, i called in again on Friday , they finally switched on the connection. 

Yes, i thought that would be it. It was furstrating and long process but at least i got my internet working. 

But NO

They have been contacted me regarding to mismatch record address and the lady who talked to me didnt even know that my interenet was fixed 2 weeks ago ( yes, they thought i would let it notworking for extra 2 weeks ) I told her , my internet was fixed but still  Yes, they said still need me to prove the address - yes after 8 years clients, 4 years with NBN, they came in, set up and they said they dont have my adress on their system...

Emailed was sent to me but they sent to wrong email ( I only found out as text message was sent to me and it was wrong spelling ) , I have called them , updated my emailed ( yes 1 hour on the phone ) case manager confirmed and said yes email will be resent to you and you will receive by end of today... as usual, nothing was sent/emailed. 

I can NOT be bother to call them again, I have spent a lot of hours on the phone to try call them, get update, follow up, they dont regard or consider that I have job and work to do, I am not free just siting there and be on the phone 2-3 hours to talk to them. 

TPG has failed me as customer, their customer services kept telling me that yes we have fixed it but the next day you called them, nothing, everything was the same as yesterday, you have to explain yourself again and again, pass through case manager to another case manager , other departments... 

Nothing was explained to me or I was told from the begining what to do. 

Something was simple and can be fixed in 1-2 days was drag to 2 weeks as they didnt know what to do .

I am so disappointed with TPG, nowhere for me to write feedback  and still nothing was updated untill now. 



Hi @ldld 


Welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience. I can only imagine how frustrating the entire ordeal has been for you.


I took the liberty to check your account to better understand the case. From what I gathered, you initially reported connection dropout issue which was escalated to our Engineering Team for investigation. This was eventually raised to NBNCo for repair. However, NBNCo mentioned that the Serial Number of the NBN NTD box should point to a different address. This where our Provisioning Team came in to get NBNCo to update their records but for NBNCo to make the necessary changes, they require proof of occupancy document on their end.


I understand that your service is working at the moment and can understand why you don't want to receive a call anymore pertaining to this. However, in the event that you encounter another technical concern which we need to raise to NBNCo for repair, we'll have the same scenario. I would strongly that we push through in rectifying the records with NBNCo to avoid future problems. Nonetheless, I will coordinate with the Case Manager to ensure that she resends the email.







Hi @ldld 


Thanks for responding to the Case Manager's email. The details you've provided regarding your address has been forwarded to NBNCo. As of Nov 22nd update by NBNCo, they're already looking into the case. You will be notified by the Case Manager further, once an update requiring your assistance is needed or when the records have been rectified.



Hi @ldld 


I have been monitoring your case and coordinating with our Provisioning Team. From what I can tell, NBNCo has already confirmed yesterday that the records on their end have been updated. My apologies again for the inconvenience that this has caused.


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.