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NBN superfast speed issue

Level 2
After I uprgaded to NBN superfast 200mbps, I always test my speed every late night but I only got a speed of 50 to roughly 70 mbps and I'm disappointed with the result.

Hi @markjeremy24 ,


We've created some articles that will help you troubleshoot the Slow speed issue.


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Level 4

were you on a superfast trial before?

if so, i had the same issue.

despite signing up to the new superfast (discounted) plan. i still got reverted to nbn 50.

i rang tech support today and was told that NBN reverted my connection back from trial connection
so they sent another request to get nbn to connect to the new super fast connection.
this was today morning, they said 24hours to be actioned.


so will see tomorrow. I just thought this would have been automatic since the charge for the new plan was already actioned, account settings confirms the new plan and received email plan already changed over.

it seems like a disconnect between billing and actual plan changes.

Level 4

rang again today (24hours later)

it appears that the attempt to switch me over failed again and reverted back to nbn50.
been advised that it is being escalated to account's team who has more permission to forcefully adjust this.


check back gain in 24hours Smiley Sad
hopefully this time it actually takes effect.
so far 3 days into the paid new plan and only got nbn50 speeds Smiley Sad


Hi @avt85


We've responded to your other posts.

Please check your connection speed once again as it should have been resolved.



Level 4

Thanks @BasilDV for the update.

Yes, I did notice this morning around 7.30am that the speed was restored back to its formal glory Smiley Happy


Appreciate the assistance on that.

Any idea why it took 2 days to get this change in place when email confirmation was sent on Friday advising the plan change has been completed?