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TWO times I had to contact TPG customer service and NONE of the customer service representatives asked me for my SECURITY password ANSWER which was set up to stop others who are harassing me from ringing TPG customer service and asking any TPG customer representative for MY personal details from TPG which is a very HIGH SECURITY BREACH for anyone who has set up a security password with TPG for the same reason as my self! What is the use of having a SECURITY password set up so that the TPG customer representatives know that it is me they are speaking to over the telephone and NOT someone else PRETENDING to be ME when TPG customer representatives cannot be bothered to ask for the answer to the set SECURITY QUESTION they set up for me because they can't be bothered to read properly what is in front of them on the computer screen when they pull up a clients account details? The last customer representative that did NOT ask for my security password was from Tech support JEN and after her a male customer representative forgot to ask me for the answer to my security question. PICK UP YOUR SECURITY MEASURE'S for God sake TPG other wise you can be held liable by LAW for giving out somone else's personal details to THE WRONG PERSON another words someone else PRETENDING to be the account holder that are NOT ACTUALLY THE ACCOUNT HOLDER themselves phoning your TPG customer service line in order to fraudulently obtain sometime else's personal account details from you which you CAN BE SUED FOR. I just rang TPG customer service for a THIRD time regarding landline issues I am STILL having and STILL the male customer representative DID NOT ask me for the ANSWER TO MY SECURITY QUESTION. I give you full FOREWARNING now that iF ANY ONE has rang your customer service team OTHER THEN MY SELF asking fraudulently by PRETENDING TO BE ME  for my personal account details I WILL HOLD YOU LIABLE BY LAW AND YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO A LAWSUIT. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN FULLY WARNED!!!!  Thank you.


Hi @Aussie,


We thank you for bringing this matter to us and we’re terribly sorry for this experience


We understand that having a security question in the account means a lot to our dear Customers and we make sure that this is implemented for every call transaction that will transpire on the account. 


We'll be reviewing this incident and will be dealt internally. Please be assured that this concern would not be taken for granted.