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On June 5 (yesterday), I posted a question about having no internet connection and whether it was my modem as I had checked all the websites and in my suburb of maroubra in Sydney, there were no outages reported. my tpg modem had many lights off and, no outages reported, I thought my modem needed checking. At 11.30 pm my internet came back. I had rebooted my nbn modem plus my own and rebooted my pc without success so I gave up and watched freetoair. I have now deleted that question ❔ as it was no longer relevant however, I had no internet despite all the relevant websites stating there were no outages in my area. It seems I can't trust what is reported. Am I alone??

Hi @akj0barakat,

We checked the history of the connection it shows that no outage occured in the area, but our initial test result shows a possible line fault that could affect the service. 

Let us a arrange our Technical Team to contact you for real-time test and investigation to ensure the quality of the service.


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