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TPG postmaster useless

Level 2

When I had to switch to a TPG email account for Outlook, it didn't work with the TPG email server.  The TPG helpdesk/postmaster effectively wasted 3 weeks of my time, getting me to repeat useless acts to resolve the problem, e.g restart modem, change outlook server settings, ensure I have no security programs running, etc.


Finally, they suggested I reset my modem to factory settings.  I reminded them that they shipped the modem already configured and therefore factory settings of the modem couldn't be the problem.  Then they gave up.  TPG heldesk/postmaster were out of ideas.  Eventually I solved the problem myself, in that I found that at times, Microsoft updates would block Outlook emails.  I then found out how to unblock Outlook, and then my TPG email account worked fine.


This told me that I was better than TPG's helpdesk/postmaster.  Absolute rubbish from TPG.  I figured that since I solved a problem they couldn't, I deserved a reward, so I asked for one year's free access to my TPG account, i.e. not bill me.  I haven't heard anything back yet....