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block youtube on certain device when using Archer VR1600

Level 2



I would like to know if anyone has figured out how to block YouTube on certain devices when using the TPLINK Archer VR1600 modem?

I want to block it on all devices except for our phones.


Thanks in advance.


Level 14

Things to do first:

change the admin password so other people can't logon and disable parental controls;

change wifi password on router (and on all your wifi devices) so others can't bring in an unknown device and access restricted content; or put in an access list to only allow defined mac addresses;

keep both passwords in a safe place;

if you want 24hour restriction, it won't matter about the router's clock, otherwise set it;


Just reading through the manual:

enable parental controls

turn on content restriction

select blacklist (this blocks devices from accessing restricted content)

the router can scan for wifi devices. For each one to be controlled, you want to set 24hour control and you want to restrict access to


It gets a bit hard to describe just from the manual. Do you have one?

At the end, you want to save the config onto your computer in case you have to factory reset it or it breaks.


Level 14

See also:

Archer VR1600v Parental Control

Has a picture of what the control page looks like.