FTTB Port allocation issue

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i applied for FTTB and received a call on next day 

the staff said in my area has the alloaction issue with my interenet..... and they dont when is probelm can be fixed.

and for now i waitring for 2 weeks, yesterday i recvied the model and then asked they when they can send someone to instal the model, the staff said, oh the allcoation issue still on there....

I called on this morning to follow up as I had not heard anything further. I spoke to Customer Service and they had no details of the call. They put me throught to Technical Support and they had no details. laterly, they said their case manager will contact me.... but!!! no one contact me !!!!! 

im so disappointed with TPG!!!!

This is a horrible way to treat new customers by charging them for a service up front and then saying you don't even know when it will be connected. really like a liar!!!

hi TPG, i need internet to work and study, ok?  

if you cannot sovle the problem, plz do the refund, and i really want cancel the plan!!! dont waste your customer time!!!! this is your fault!!!




Good day @Anita,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We've managed to locate your account and already escalated this matter to our FTTB wholesale Manager to further check for an available port to provide you the service. We are expecting a feedback from them today.


Your experience is important to us and we will be keeping a close eye on your case and will provide you with updates after a few hours.


Kind regards,


Hi @Anita


We understand that you have the Modem (Huawei HG659) already, but we sent you an NTU as well which is needed to proceed with the FTTB UBE installation. We've checked it from Startrack records, and says that it's still to be collected; “Awaiting collection at Post Office - PERTH BUSINESS HUB”.


I'll send you the consignment number via Private message and get back to us once you have the Modem and NTU so we can book the installation.


Kind regards,

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yea, i know that and the model i mwntioned before is the FTTB UBE, i still havnt pick up it on the post. i will pick up it tday.

but even i got that and put in my apartment, there still cant use FTTB UBE.

solve my problem first, pick up the FTTB UBE is not big deal on this probelm.

im using the personal hotspot in my aparment for 2 weeks, it is pretty inconvenience!!!!!

plz dont stalling for time, if you cannot sovle the problem, cancel my plan refund my money, i can sign the new company.

i have my personal business on the home, need the internet, plz understand me!

thank you.


We understand @Anita,


The FTTB UBE jobs are only proposed / booked once our customer has claimed the modem that we sent. But I will inform our FTTB Wholesale Manager that you'll pick it up today for them to provide us the schedule for the service installation.


Your experience is important to us and we will be keeping a close eye on your case and will provide you with updates where possible.


Kind regards,

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 is it you mean the port problem is sovled???

i can book a time for installtion?   then i can use the internet???

yea i will pick up FTTB UBE in 2 hours.

just tell me is it the allocation problem solve on my apartment?


You are right @Anita.


Our FTTB wholesale Manager was able to locate a port to use to provide you the service. The contractor will not be able to contact you once they've seen on the startrack records that the device is still there.


Give us a heads up once you have the modem and we will notify our FTTB UBE team and have a contractor to contact you to arrange an installation.


Kind regards,

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  oh!!! iv got modem!!!

thank you so much!

when they can come to my apartment?



Great! Thank you for the update @Anita.


I'll notify our FTTB Wholesale Manager so they can arrange a contractor to contact you within the day.


Kind regards,

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still no one contact me.

tomorrow is public holiday and then is weekend.

if your staff cant instal today, i will wait at least 3 more days.

plz arrange your time, if possible can they do today?