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FTTB active - when can i call Telstra to cancel home phone

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I had a tech onsite yesterday who installed the service (he was great btw).


Question is, when can I call Telstra to cancel my home phone service as it seems the number has been ported to TPG.

In my TPG account - View FTTB Phone Service

Status Active


Today I receive an email from TPG sayin all active and good to go:

TPG FTTB Bundle Service ACTIVE


               Dear xxx,

               Fantastic news! Your TPG FTTB Bundle service is now active. Surf the net with superfast Internet speeds, make outbound calls and receive incoming calls today.


Service Delivery Steps     Date

  1. Registration 16/2/2018
  2. Confirmation of Address 16/2/2018
  3. Advance Payment 16/2/2018
  4. FTTB service ACTIVE 22/2/2018
  5. Installation complete 23/2/2018

Hi @marantz,


Since the home phone number has been ported to TPG it should be okay to contact your previous ISP to cancel your account with them.


Let me know should you require further assistance.




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Contacted Telstra through live chat and they confirmed 


As per checking, this home phone xxx is already disconnected with Telstra as it was automatic when it was ported out to other provider since 23rd of Feb 2018. So it's been done already and the disconnection order reference # was xxx


This matches the installation complete date from TPG. Maybe we dont need to contact previous home phone provider to cancel as it seems this is done automatically?


Good day @marantz,


I will advise you to contact Telstra to confirm that the Home phone account is disconnected or canceled. This is to avoid any unnecessary charges on your Bank account.


Kind regards,


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yeah worth to call to confirm and have it in writing to avoid extra charges. sadly we dont live in a perfect world Smiley Wink




Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Have a great day now. Cheers! Smiley Happy