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Port allocation issues

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A month ago i moved into a new adress and was delighted to see that fttb was avaliable. I signed up and proceeded with payment. Several days later i was contacted and told the service could not be installed and no time frame could be given. Confused i asked if a rough indication could be provided but none could. Furthermore i was told that not even an adsl service could be installed. Needless to say i was unimpressed, cancelled and signed up with a different ISP.

2 days ago curioisity and the lure of high internet speeds got the better off me and i called tpg again to see whether the issue had been resolved. Upon speaking to a sales rep i was informed again that fttb was avaliable at my adress. I told her my story of my previous encounter and asked to double check if the allocation was avaliable as to not go through the same dramas as last. She came back and said it was fine.

The very next day(today) lo and behold, recieved a phone call from tpg to notify me they can not continue with the service due to no port allocations and can not provide any time line.

Needless to say, im frustrated with the whole ordeal. How is it the sales rep can not tell whether there are avaliable allocations and keep giving misleading information? Can some please give me a straight up answer?
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Same problem here. Absoultely misleading service, should be refereed to the ACCC. 


Hi @namnguyen82,


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Regrettably, I wish I was the bearer of better news. Your application is one of the affected accounts of the on-going port allocation issue we are experiencing in some locations. The site/building has reached its full capacity of ports. Your FTTB order is being monitored by our service delivery team and once a port becomes available for you, you'll be updated by your case manager.


We apologise for the inconvenience.


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Good day @namnguyen82,


We've checked this with our FTTB team and was informed that they are under negotiation with your building manager if when can we start upgrading the infrastructure in your building to provide more ports. Once we received the approval, the upgrade will start right away.


You may contact your building manager to provide more updates with the negotiation.


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Thanks for the update.

Hope fully this can be resolved soon.