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IMPORTANT: FTTB Service/Port Allocation

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hi @Riezl 

could you please check in with FTTB management on plans to complete the upgrade. my understanding is that there are only a simple steps left to complete the upgrade (because the additional boxes were installed in the last site visit). although TPG NBN is slated to be available soon (as advertised in the flyers our letterboxes), I would carefully consider my NBN provider if FTTB is unavailable. FTTB is a superior service and it is an easy decision to stick with TPG if FTTB is available. Thanks

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Hmm, this is concerning to read. I’m a new customer to TPG for less than a week and have had a ‘reg flag’ already. Your post is confirming some of my concerns.

My fibre modem arrived today, and the sales assistant whom sold me the product told me that I can install the service myself, and that I would not need a technician to do so. I made sure to clarify this twice, as my concern was that with Covid 19, that a technician would not be able to make it to install due to the potential of self-isolation / quarantine. She reassured me I could install it myself, so I went ahead and purchased the product.

In the following days after purchase, a technician contacted me directly and asked me to make an appointment with him to install the service. He said that the information I received from the sales assistant was WRONG. He would need to come and install the service.

The modem just arrived. And now, the technician cannot come install the service due to ”coronavirus”. Very frustrating. Not that the technician said he can’t come, I understand these are challenging times, it’s that I was mislead by the sales assistant (perhaps just to get a sale).

I’ve been with Optus for the last 3yrs and never had a problem like this. It’s concerning that all this has happened in less than 7days with tpg.

Considering my options, like you did above.


Hi @Camwtp,


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We're sorry if for the misunderstanding. We're able to confirm that your TPG FTTB installation has completed and the modem/router is now connected to our network it only need modem configure to work.

We did an article that you may find helpful related to TPG-FTTB installation feel free to visit the links below.

Should you need further assistance, feel free to search community for help or chat with us at  and we'd be glad to assist you.