NBN Connection Box ???????

Level 4

I have just plugged in my new modem (VX220-G2V) that replaced my TP-Link VR1600V, plugged my VOIP phone in, and my phone no longer works.


Jumped on the TPG website just to double check I had my connections plugged into the right places on the modem, only to discover I need a NBN Connection Box!!!!


I have been with TPG over 8 years, and when I had to purchase the modem from TPG, the salesman was only too ready to relieve me of my cash, however he made no mention of any NBN Connection Box, and the subsequent piss farting around I am having to do, just to get back a service I already pay for, but am unable to access.


I have been on the phone on hold so far for 2 hours!  Seriously TPG?  Get your act together already, hire more out sourced people, this is fukn ridiculous.

Level 15

Hi @Fiery . do you have FTTB/FTTN NBN connection? These don't use NBN box.

Did the VR1600 break that you had to get a new router?

Are you at the same address as you were when using the VR1600?

If the internet is working with the VX, everything is connected properly.
The probable reason the phone does not work on the VX is that TPG have not configured it properly.


Hi @Fiery 


Are you still not able to use the bundled phone service?


Just like what @david64 said, did you relocate to a new address or not?

If the VR1600 modem/router works without the NBN NTD, then the VX should work as well.


You advised the phone no longer works, but does the internet work fine? If yes, then we just need to update the account with your new device.


Just send us a private message with your account details and we will take it from there.