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Hi Asking for a friend Smiley Happy who is an Internode customer using the TPG Fibre to the Building product,


Its been running well but the internet disappeared two weeks ago. Got a new modem sent out, but just the same and days keep passing with no relief in sight. The DSL light works and looking in the system log of the modem I see (read bottom to top) repeated again and again:


42016-01-01 10:34:06PPPErrorppp1
52016-01-01 10:34:06PPPErrorppp1 Timeout waiting for PADO packets
62016-01-01 10:33:46PPPInformationppp1 sent [PADI Host-Uniq(0x00004061)]
72016-01-01 10:33:36PPPInformationppp1 sent [PADI Host-Uniq(0x00004061)]
82016-01-01 10:33:31PPPInformationppp1 sent [PADI Host-Uniq(0x00004061)]


This looks to me as if the port in the basement is misconfigured and not responding at all when trying to setup a PPPOE connection. Get the same result with the default tpg_acs (or similar) as well as for authentication.


There seems to be (not suprisiningly) a lot of expertise in this forum and TPG generally about this product. I'm dealing with Internode on a daily basis, but not really getting anywhere....





Hi @softgrow


Though Internode and TPG are under one umbrella, we still operate independently of each other.


For quickest resolution to your matter, please contact Internode at or Support Line: 13 66 33.


Thank you!



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I'm having exactly the same problem with the TPG FTTB. Thank you for the idea to look at the logs. Mine is riddled with errors.