Ready to buy an updated Modem.

Level 2

I recently got connected to the NBN by TPG. The supplied Modem VR 1600 V (AC1600) does not permit connection to a WI-Fi Range Extender.

I have read previous postings and realised that the generic TPG Modem has the WPS switched off in the software.

In an earlier post I made, I asked about the rest of the lights not turning green and was told by the moderator that if I connect to any device the light will turn green.

Could I buy an updated modem from TPG so as to get the range extender getting connected through the WPS setting on the modem?

I have previously been with Telstra any everything worked well.

Level 14

Hi @nartekop50 . The WPS function has to be enabled in the router admin. Wifi must be enabled first.

Advanced, Wireless, Advanced Settings.

When enabled, it is controlled by a button on top edge of router.