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Wrong NBN Box Activated

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I have a unique problem - early this week after checking my address is eligable for NBN package with TPG, I subscribed and charged with first payment, received email that my port has been activated, all should be ok. I have NBN box in my apartment unit - Optical light is on, everything looks ok. 


I received the modem, and plugged into UNI-D port 2 as stated in the email, and nothing happened. Then it dawned to me that TPG probably are not aware that my apartment has weird addressing system for the units.


We have 2 towers, East and West, we can have the same unit number, between East and West tower - example there will be 2 units of apartment number 999, with same building name, same street address, the only differentiator is one is 999E, another is 999W. I'm on 999W. 


I rang customer service, stating that TPG probably activated 999E unit, instead of mine - hence probably why I was assigned UNI-D port 2 instead of 1 (just speculating, but I suspect it's the case) I have also communicated my NBN box serial number to the CS rep - and she confirmed they had different serial number - most probably NBN box that belongs to unit 999E.


CS rep mentioned someone from installation team will reach out to me in 24 hours - but it's been ~32 hours and nobody reached out to me yet. 


I hope this is a simple fix from TPG - as I already have the NBN box with Optical light working, so hopefully this is just a matter of activating the right NBN box. 


Appreciate if someone could keep me updated on the status of my issue? Happy to share my username/details on PM to the right person! 


Thank you! 



Hi @sillybillysally,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details.


The case was already escalated to our Service delivery team for further investigation into what happened.


I'll chase this up with them and have someone to contact you between 11AM - 12PM today to discuss this further.


Kind regards,



Hi @sillybillysally,


I understand that our Service delivery team has been in touch and was advised that you need to send your proof of occupancy documents and a picture of NBN box serial number starts with ALCLF to for them to raise it with NBN Co.


Further updates will be given by them once available.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,