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Home phone not working for days

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How can we log a service issue when all chat operators are constantly busy?

Is there and email address?

My home phone has not been working for days.

This is not good enough.

Just a question though If TPG are not taking phone calls how would I chat if anyone was available if my internet was down?

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I am in a similar situation.

I have two elderly parents who now have no working phone, but internet is OK. They cannot contact anyone, nor be contacted, using their home phone. They both have health problems and cannot really use a mobile phone.

I have been trying the chat option on their behalf for a number of days, but never able to actually "chat" with anyone. Very poor service. I know we are in difficult times at the moment, but why is it that other organisations manage to have their call centres working (almost) normally yet TPG can't.

This is getting ridiculous.

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     If possible try plugging in a different handset to the phone port, it may be a faulty phone. Also ensure the phone is plugged into phone port 1 on the modem.

    If you have a spare cable that connects the phone to the modem try that as well, it may be a faulty cable..

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I have 2 handsets same issue with both.

I have dial tone on both. When I dial any number it times out. When I call my home number from my mobile I get "your call could not be connected please check the number and try again".

If the issue was in my home I would get the tone indicating that the phone was either ringing or engaged when I called from my mobile or any other phone from outside.

Thank you for your answer.

Maybe I should have put more details in my post :-)

cheers Mick

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Hi Brett_h,

It is still an ADSL 2+ line.

I have swapped the splitter, cables and handsets. Even tried direct connection. None of the changes made a difference.

The curious thing is that the phone line worked the night before but failed the next morning. Never affected by weather before, and internet would be down too if it was due to weather.

At a loss here and still can't get on to support.