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How do I know who works for TPG in the Community?

Community Manager

How do I know who works for TPG in the Community?


We've kept things simple by putting TPG logo next to everyone's name so you know who works for TPG.

Like this:

  Community Manager


So who's who?


Community Manager – Manuel. I look’s after the TPG Community and everyone in it. I’m here to answer the big questions, to help you know everything you need to know, and make sure everyone else in TPG knows what's happening in the Community.


Mods - These guys and girls are in the community to help. They've got the expertise to take care of everything you need. They will make sure the community is a safe place to get help and expertise.


Staff - You'll see people from across the company creating featured articles, answering questions and providing help. They’re in the community to help and provide knowledge.


If you want to talk to any of us the best thing to do is to post in the Community or comment on the blog. We don't offer help and support via private messages, but we'll reply to any posts where you need us.

Level 2

Maybe I'm dumb but I really cannot follow TPG instructions on how to send a private message. Obviously this way (presumably public) works. All I wish to know is how to order a new TPG compatible modem/router



Thank you


Hi @voxjelly


I've sent you a private message. 


We'll wait to hear from you. 



Level 2

Why do you guys ask for some sensitive information in private messages?


like DOB, Full Name, email address ?   where  information  combined, can compromise person's identity.


How do we know if the person asking for this information is legit, and how do we trust if the  information is not going to be mishandled?