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Migration of Email to TMC

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I am Paying TPG, to supply 100nbn and 5 email addresses. Now we have to migrate email addresses to 'The Messenging Company' (whoever they may be). It is alright if TPG want to outsource some of their workings. But to imply that at some stage we may have to pay extra for email service is not what we all signed up for. Monthly internet fee then a monthly email fee. You have to be joking. On the TPG support page it clearly reads,  "TPG will pay The Messaging Company email service charge until 15 September 2024. After 15 September 2024, you will be responsible for paying any charges you incur for the email service. The Messaging Company will contact customers with available pricing options at least 60 days prior to commencing charges for the email service". What a con job. There never has been a seperate email charge on my account so why should there be one because Vodafone have ruined a once good provider. Is TPG going to reduce the internet charge? Of course not. Knew there was something more to the confirmation of emails by 15 July 2023. 12 days later we are being screwed.

What is the real story? Beware.

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So what's the legal position here? According to the ACCC "If businesses can’t supply a product or service that a consumer has paid for, on time or within a reasonable time, then the business must provide a solution."


So it seems that TPG have provided a solution via transfer to The Messaging Company.


Here is the transfer link:

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TPG solution is Migrate to TMC and possibly incur costs which is not a solution. Their paperwork,  "After 15 September 2024, you will be responsible for paying any charges".  That is not finding a solution if we have to pay and not receive a reduction to the ongoing fees from TPG.

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I think legally TPG is still covered because email service after 15 September 2024 is service that hasn't been paid for.

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I don't know. TMC was registered 13July 2023 and is "trusted by" (you won't believe it), TPG, IINET, Internode and Westnet (all under the TPG Telecom Banner). Am I being too cynical to infer that TPG Telecom is the other "Australian email provider"?

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It wasn't registered by TPG Telecom. It was registered by Atmail IP Pty Ltd

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This whole process is quite outrageous and I can't understand why more loyal customers are not complaining. Email was a sweetener we had included from day one (1) and now it is being taken away at short notice and without compensation. Who should we complain to?

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It feels a bit like extorsion really. They know long term customers are heavily invested keeping the email addresses they have used for years.


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Here are the Terms and Conditions for TPG email that require that an NBN/Internet plan exist in order to have email. TPG have terminated this agreement, not the customers!

TPG have deleted this page from the Internet but I managed to locate the version that existed prior to deletion, dated 23rd March 2023 at 11.23:23

It looks like TPG deleted all details on this page on 19th June 2023

Terms & Conditions

 This agreement is with TPG Internet Pty Ltd (ABN 15 068 383 737).

1.0 Provision of Service

1.1 TPG Email and Email forwarding plans do not provide the Customer with Internet access, so the Customer will require a separate dialup or broadband service in order to access their TPG email or email forwarding service.

1.2 TPG email and email forwarding services are only activated on receipt of the annual subscription fee.

 2.0 Billing

2.1 Minimum subscription period: 12 months, paid in advance. This annual subscription fee is non-refundable.

2.2 Annual subscription fee: As specified for the Customer’s particular plan on the TPG website at the time they register or renew the plan.

2.3 Renewal: By email invitation, one week before the plan expires.

2.4 A TPG email plan or email forwarding plan will only be activated once the annual subscription fee has been received by TPG.

2.5 Payment options: Credit card only

2.6 Accepted credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club. Accounts paid with an American Express or Diners Club card will incur a surcharge of 3.02% and 2.75% (incl. GST) of the invoice amount respectively when TPG debits the card.

3.0 Email Only Plan / POP3 Email Accounts

3.1 A TPG Email Only plan provides the Customer with one POP3 email account for one year. Features and limitations are as detailed on the TPG website at

3.2 The email accounts provided for free with many TPG Internet dialup and ADSL plans are POP3 email accounts.

4.0 Email Forwarding Plan

4.1 A TPG Email Forwarding plan allows emails sent to a nominated TPG email account, or any attached email aliases to be forwarded to one outside email address nominated by the Customer for one year. The email forwarding service does not provide the Customer with any other email facilities, storage or Internet access. Virus filtration is performed, but SPAM or Junk Email filtration is not available.

5.0 IMAP Email Plan

5.1 A TPG IMAP plan provides the Customer with one IMAP email account for one year. Features and limitations are as detailed on the TPG website at

6.0 Cancelling an Email or Email Forwarding Service

6.1 The customer can request to cancel their email or email forwarding service any time by providing TPG with written notice. Email/postal address details can be found online at

6.2 The Customer will not be refunded for part of a year if the service is cancelled before the end of a billing year.

6.3 In order for the Customer to receive emails sent to the Customer’s TPG email account after it has been cancelled, the Customer may request a once-off forwarding of this remaining email to one outside email address. This once-off option is only available to the Customer within 30 days of cancelling the service.

7.0 Filtering

7.1 Virus filtering is performed on all email passing in or out of the TPG email servers, and will not be disabled on individual accounts. Email messages detected with a virus are rejected immediately with details of the virus. The Customer will not receive separate notification for each infected message which is rejected, but will be emailed a fortnightly summary of prevented viruses.

7.2 TPG Customers who regularly send virus emails, or have virus infected emails sent from their network, will be notified daily via email. Failure to fix the virus infected computer will result in a temporary block of all email services for that customer or network.

7.3 SPAM or Junk email filtering is performed on a per email account basis. The account holder is able to select the appropriate filtration level, or disable this service. Email detected and prevented from delivery can be viewed via a website.

7.4 Sender address verification is performed on all incoming emails. This is enabled by default, but can be disabled on a per email address basis.

8.0 Liability

8.1 TPG does not guarantee faultless storage of emails, and will not be liable for any damage or loss, including loss of time, resulting from storage faults. Emails are only temporarily stored online for Email Only/POP3 email accounts. TPG will not be responsible for emails deleted automatically once the specified storage limit is reached – details of POP 3 storage limits are available with the plan details online at

8.2 TPG POP3 and IMAP email plans offer spam filtering and virus protection facilities. These features are to help the Customer protect themselves against unwanted viruses and junk email. TPG does guarantee protection against spam or viruses and recommends that Customers make use of other available protections such as anti virus software and firewalls.

8.3 TPG recommends that the Customer uses email client software (i.e. an email program) which will download and store copies of the Customer’s email on their own computer and/or will enable the Customer to make hard copies of important emails.


Level 3

WE havelodged a compliant with the ACCC as follows;


Report a consumer issue | ACCC


Part 1 TPG (and its subsidiary companies iiNet and Internode) have decided to remove all email processing from their services. They have inadequately notified their customer base, a few have emails, and the majority of customers are finding out by word of mouth and community groups contacting people and there is a link on the page advising that email services are being discontinued The advice from TPG is that for customers to migrate to The Messaging Company by 15th September 2023 or their emails will be deleted in total. Part of the communication from TPG is that no details are yet known about the cost of the new service provider, other than that will be advised in 2024. "TPG will pay The Messaging Company email service charge until 15 September 2024. After 15 September 2024, you will be responsible for paying any charges you incur for the email service. The Messaging Company will contact customers with available pricing options at least 60 days prior to commencing charges for the email service."


There is a fundamental issue here on several fronts.

1. We and all other customers paid for services NBN/Internet that included email addresses and email hosting.

2. TPG has broken their contract terms and conditions

3. Failed to provide adequate communication

4. Fail to offer any reduction in monthly fees due to withdrawal of email service.

5. Makes no effort to disclose contractual terms and costs of the new provider.


Part 2 The reply received through the TPG Community Support person was that the email service "is complementary" so no fee reduction will be provided.


Their email Terms of Service (that were removed from their website on 19th June 2023 this year) shows clearly the need to have an Internet /NBN plan with TPG (or iiNet or Internode) in order to be able to have an email account. I have located a prior version of the web page that existed and was modified on 23rd March 2023 at 11.23:23 Terms and Conditions of TPG IMAP & POP3 Email Service ( 


Action needed

1. TPG needs to reduce its monthly fees for Internet/NBN immediately

2. Full disclosure of the company fees immediately for the company they have recommended we migrate across to

3. A penalty for inadequate communication and deceptive conduct.


Lodge a complaint with the ACCC do it today!  Report a consumer issue | ACCC