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NBN internet not working

Level 1c

Hi. Yesterday morning my NBN internet disconnected. I restarted the NBN box and the router which didn't fix the problem. I called customer service and tried resetting them again and the service reconnected. However, since then internet keeps disconnecting sporadically. Lights on the NBN box keep going out. Sometimes the internet will reconnect when I restart the NBN box, other times it won't. I've checked NBN's website and there's no planned work in my area. Are you carry out any work that could disrupt my service? I need this my service working again so I can work from home. Paul (Account Number: 6800292)


Hi @ph1000 ,

From our record , I can see you have been already contacted by TPG and have booked appointment for Tech visit. If you still have issue pls private msg me with your customer details and contact number.