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TPG 5G Home Broadband | 3 Month Honest Review πŸ‘

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My honest review of using TPG 5G Home Broadband over the past 3 months, from frustrated (at the beginning) to *very happy* by the end of it.


Hi @Epyc

We absolutely appreciate the feedback! I did watch the video and also passed it along to the other teams. We're also glad that you covered a few topics in one go! (service-related, customer service, most importantly the equipment) πŸ‘


I'm positive that your video will definitely help other customers and other users on here! 😊




Hi @Epyc . You made 2 youtube videos earlier this year (both have been removed) criticising two aspects of the 5866T.


First was the disappearance of the wifi settings from the menu system. Still a problem. 

User bunnii has provided this info regarding the wifi settings:

Ethernet =

Wifi 2.4GHz =

Wifi 5GHz =

If the URLs work, it's only a small change in the firmware to fix.


Second was a deterioration in the throughput after some length of operation. Factory reset fixed it temporarily. 

Did you get 2 faulty devices in a row, or did TPG make an unannounced firmware fix on the third device? 


On another matter, some users are having a problem connecting their wifi printers to this device. No idea what the resolution might be. No-one posts back a solution.


Both 4G and 5G wireless use CG-NAT. This prevents home servers from being accessed from the internet.


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Thanks for the feedback @Ahra_G 


Can you please contact me once Sagemcom + TPG provide a Firmware update for the Sagemcom Fast 5866T.

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Thanks @david64 for posting those direct settings URL's for the Sagemcom Fast 5866T for other users to try.


I discovered and tried those URL's back 2 months ago on the first 2 modems that I was having issues, and they still wouldn't work for me... but if they're working for other users, that's a positive.


I removed my last 2x Modem Issues videos from TPG as I felt they were no longer relevant and my 3 Month Review now covers everything you'd want to know before considering 5G Home Broadband.


Also, the throughput issue was super wierd and affected me with the first 2x modems... I haven't seen speed drops / service degradation on the third modem... only the standard speed changes between peak / off-peak usage.