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So, I thought I should carry out an NBN upgrade (FttP) investigation.  At the same time, bundles are often attractive and so I brought in one of our Mobiles.

We’ve been well serviced by Internode for three years (FttN), and so I had forgotten about the experience involved in transferring services.

Investigation completed, and it was a tight race.  Superloop, Dodo and iPrimus were cheapest (out of the 13 ISPs) but I picked TPG.

I’m beginning to regret my (calculated and logical) decision.  Should I?

Way too long on the phone to the Call Centre, in response to calls from unrecognised numbers, emails with the wrong name (hi “Ah”), and a lot of intra-TPG Call Centre transfers.

I made a career out of delivering exceptional user experience across multiple industry verticals, around the world.  5 days in and I’m wondering whether I should quickly cancel the move.

Please, fellow-TPG users, please tell me I’ve made a good choice….


Hi @mattsperry .

All providers are in on the FTTP upgrade.

So, TPG wasn't the cheapest?

You've named some issues which are important to you.

You can browse through this Community for a cross-section of users' problems.

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Thanks @david64 

I didn’t list all the selection criteria, in my statement above, that are important to me but there are, in my experience, a few canaries.  “Service quality” being the one that I’ve alluded to: technical quality, support effectiveness, on-boarding experience, etc.

I am truly and earnestly hoping that my experience to date has been an aberration, and was hoping to get feedback to that effect.  Thanks for your advice, and I’ll continue my exploration through the Community.

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I've been with TPG for nearly 20 years. Moving from ADSL to FTTN was easy. So was moving to FTTP. I find TPG's service to be very good.

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Hey TPGers.
So.  Finally got the NBN upgrade; fibre to the premise.  There was a delay whilst NBN negotiated fixing the jambed conduit in the nature strip. Eventually I just paid a third -party to dig and fix.
Now we are experiencing multiple drops every day (5-10 minutes at a time, 5-6 times a day).
TPG provided (5 months old) TP-link VX220 modem and a (new) tp-link mesh wifi.
TPG suggested removing band steering, so now we have two networks (2.4 & 5 GHz).
Still getting network drops on everything (phones, laptops, TVs, etc).

Anyone else experience this, and have an answer?
Anything I can do...reset, reconfigure, etc?
(4 extended calls with TPG over the last 5 days and no closer to resolution.)


Hey @mattsperry, we'd love to help you put an end to the drop outs here.


Are all of your devices connected by Wi-Fi? Would it be possible for you to try connecting a device with an ethernet cable, and letting us know if you see the same drops?

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Hi @kate_ 
Yes...all connections are wireless, other than the wired connection between the tp-link modem and tp-link mesh.  Multiple reboots of tp-link modem and mesh.
TPG assure me that there's been no internet drops from the router/modem out, although the modem log is full of errors.
The issue is that there were no issues with the wireless network at all prior to the upgrade..


@mattsperry . Can you check the lights on FTTP box at next dropout. Normal operation is Power, Optical, Alarm to be green. Optical flashes during data transfer. The UNI-D port flashes during data transfer.

And the WAN and Internet lights on the VX220?


Re System Log: you should be able to save the log as a text file on your computer. Open it with Notepad, copy and paste the text (as much as you want) into your reply.


On your wifi devices, do they show loss of wifi signal during dropouts? Can you still login to router admin?

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Lights on FTTP box don't change colour.
Lights on router also stay solid blue.
Both have been observed whilst an outage is happening.
It looks like the issue is confined to wireless network.  But nothing changed from pre-FTTP.
After FTTP connection (all through TPG), multiple continuous drops.

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You said 'Finally got the NBN upgrade; fibre to the premise. There was a delay whilst NBN negotiated fixing the jambed conduit in the nature strip. Eventually I just paid a third -party to dig and fix.'

Could this be the problem?

During my upgrade unusual poblems were found with the routing in the nature strip, and NBNCo sent their own team of subbies to resolve it (new trench and conduit). So there was no split of responsibility.

After some months of tip top service, I experienced a red optical light on my NBN NTD. So I reported it (on a Sunday) and NBNCo attended the next day and fixed it (stretched fibre at NTD connection). I'm out in the sticks so that was superb service by TPG and NBNCo.