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Is this typical? or a joke

Level 1c

So join TPG a few weeks ago.

Get the standard email "Congratulations, connection complete....blahblah"

Get home, no connection.

Call 'customer service', a technician will be out in the next few days. We will let you know.

Wait a week, no response.

Call 'customer service'. Technician says no lead in cable, organise your own contractor or wait.

Organise my own. My technician laughs when I tell him the story. Yep happens all the time, usual response is no lead cable.

He checks phone socket, phone box, line to problems. Issue is no phone service

Call 'customer service'. Case manager will call me in the morning.

Morning comes, morning goes.

Call 'customer service'. Case manager will call me in 10 minutes, on another call.

That wsa 2 days ago........really?


Hi @aalop,


Welcome to TPG Community.


We apologise for the inconvenience. This is concerning to know as this is not the type of service we aim to provide. We'd like to assist in the best possible way we can.


I tried searching for your account using your community details, but unable to find a match. Could you please PM us with your Customer ID or username in order for us to assist you accordingly?


How to send a PM? Click here.


Kind regards,


Level 1c

PM sent


Thanks for passing on the details, @aalop


We apologise for the inconvenience. We have had a look at your account and learned that the Telstra technician who tried to install the service has reported that there's an issue with the lead-in cable going to your premises.


However, you've hired your own technician and verified that there's no fault on the copper cabling, I'll notify our Service delivery team with this information to check this further with our third party provider Telstra if we can push through the activation of your account. If another Telstra technician is needed, they'll be the one to update you.


Our Service delivery team is closed during weekends and a call will be made on Monday to provide further updates with the case.


Kind regards,



Hi @aalop,


We understand that you were able to speak with our Service delivery team and we regret to hear that you decided to discontinue the account due to the ongoing issue on the installation of the service.


They've raised this to our Accounts team and further updates will be given via email or phone call.


We hope that you will consider TPG again in the future we would welcome the opportunity to turn your experience around.


Kind regards,


Level 1c

Hi BasilDV,


I was told on Sunday that I would have confirmation of cancellation and refund with 48hrs.

As per usual, I have heard nothing 5 days later.

Can someone pls advise....


Hi @aalop


My apologies for the trouble. 


I've chased now with our Accounts Team. 


We will continue to push for a resolution with them and you will be updated as soon as we have an update. In the meantime, if you have any further enquiries or require general information on the matter, contact us here and we'll be sure to get this coordinated for you. 




Level 1c

Thanks, so I was contacted last Thursday.

They told me it would be resolved and refunded before the weekend.


It is now Tuesday afternoon....still waiting....Smiley Mad


Hi @aalop,

I chased this up with our account specialists and confirmed that the refund has been approved last Thursday, 15th of November. Please be advised that refund may takes 3-5 working days.

Let me know should you require further assistance.



Level 1a

Same Problem.


TPG has taken my money (20 Nov)  and the "billing cycle has begun"


NO (zero) INTERNET now for over 2 weeks and the usual - some one will contact you (from the Phillipines I presume).


This,  like the Banks is classified as Fee for No Service.

Luckily, unlike the Banks,  I am not a dead person


Though TPG is trying hard to kill me............!