Scam email

Level 2

I have been sent a scam email purporting to be from TPG stating I have  "earned a new rank and elevated to level 2".  Then "click here to see your profile".  This is nonsense and appears to be a scam.  It is trying to appeal to a person's anticipation of "earning"something and being elevated, appealing to one's ego.  The sender is whereas the correct TPG sender is, a very subtle difference. BEWARE.


Level 14

Hi @ella . TPG Community does send out emails like that. If you look at your post regarding this, you'll see a symbol "L2" beside your name. 

The email sender is The link directs you to the web site (this web site).

But you can check your profile by signing in to Community, then click your name that appears somewhere on the page, depending on the type of device you are using.