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Hi there,


I still haven't got anyone to do my Home ADSL installation. My credit card has been already charged .

Please could you assign someone to come urgently 1/25A Hall street, Bondi Beach Sydney.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance!


 @heziosilva I am sorry that you have not received an update on your installation. I can see that it is progressing, it currently encountered a problem as our 3rd party provider Telstra advised us that they do not detect any existing cabling infrastructure using the address you have provided. We have requested for them to check again and our customer service team is awaiting their response.


I have asked that they notify you of the progress as soon as they receive the latest update.


Kind regards,

Joseph D


Hi @heziosilva,


Our Service delivery team was trying to contact you, but you were unreachable.


The order has been resubmitted to our third party provider since they weren't able to detect any available cabling infrastructure going to your premises and they are awaiting for the update. They'll be in touch to provide further information with your case progression.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,