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Can't access mobile account

Level 2

There was an upgrade of TPG user account website that I have to click the check other services link, this URL stops working, whenever I click on the link, it just shows me another login page which will bring me back to the normal account page.


I need to update my payment to pay my plan. Don't want to have to call just to make a payment, please advise how to get around this issue


Hi @rguez0006,


Novus is an improved system in managing your services online with TPG. For mobile service, please use your TPG mobile number or Account number when logging in to the new TPG My Account


Here are some articles you can read on as reference: 



Let us know if we can assist further. 




Level 2

Mod, why bother reply if you don't read original posters problem? Posting FAQ article for broken website issues is a joke. 


I am having same issue and honestly my card is expired and I cannot update payment details. This kind of careless approach is how to encourage people to port out to other providers. You lock people out of account access do you understand?


You move peoples account to NOVUS and the website does not go to novus when logging in - instead goes OLD accounts page in continious loop. Read it, understand it and provide a solution.


Trying to login via mobile number also does not work and asks to reset password put in all detaiuls and get:

Notification Failed Sorry, we are unable to send your temporary password.

Please check and try again here.


Get this fixed asap.


Hi @Distress


To further check on this issue, we'd like to arrange a call from our Mobile accounts team.

Please shoot me a PM with your customer ID or mobile number along with your preferred time to be contacted today.