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Hi i have a internet and home line service ..that has unlimited internet .my problem is i keep getting charged extra $10or so a month too top up the extras amount ..that is caused by making too many mobil calls and landline calls.. i added a big talk extras pack too my plan so it wont keep happening but i am still getting the extra 10 or so a month charge...why??? And i also have too reset my password everyday even tho i have entered it correctly ..very annoying ..can u explain and help thank u

Hi @nicolaou1942 , 


Welcome to the Community! 


You currently have the Big Talk which inlcude:


  • Unlimited LocalCalls
  • Unlimited Standard National Calls
  • 100 International Minutes*


If you need more mobile minutes, I would recommend switching over to the OZ Talk. I believe this add-on will suit your needs better. The OZ talk includes: 


  • Unlimited LocalCalls
  • Unlimited Standard National Calls
  • Unlimited National Calls to Mobiles

You may switch over your add-on by logging in to your TPG online account: Using TPG My Account & Online Account Info 


Feel free to let us know should you require further assistance.