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Help with NBN account cancellation

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Hello, I would like help and assistance with cancelling my NBN account. What is the correct process and procedure?


I have filled out the following form on 03-March-2024 and received a confirmation prompt when the form was submitted. But haven't seen anything since.


I have also send an email to both and


Note: I would like for the account to be terminated on 05-April-2024.


What else do I need to do to ensure my account will be cancelled and terminated on 05-April-2024 (ie: I don't want to be paying for anything extra past this date, this date is slightly over 30 days as required for the notification period)







Hi @tle52, let's have your account details via private message and we'll look into your account. Let's check the status of your cancellation request.




Level 2

Thanks to @Aubrey for confirming on 06-March via PM that my request via email to cancel the NBN account has been received and that I should expect the accounts team to contact me in the coming days.


Of course, I have been waiting patiently and haven't received any calls yets. However today at 2 PM on 10-March (which is a Sunday by the way), I received an email stating that one of the accounts specialist has tried to contact me by phone but failed and that I should leave a call back number so that they can try again after a few days. Really? Did they really call at all?


Firstly, the email was revieced on the Sunday, I doubt TPG staff would be working on a Sunday. If the call was made earlier in the week, then why did it take so long for the email to be sent out? 


Secondly, I have no missed calls on my mobile. Did TPG try to call the home phone? If so, then that is not possible as I can't even use the home phone as TPG refuse to provide the VOIP details for people using their own routers. They only way to use the home phone is if you use the TPG supplied router which is both terrible and locked-down.


Lastly, they asked for me to provide a number for them to call back. Well, how about trying the mobile number listed in my account, which I don't think has been called yet. What a waste of time so far, the cancellation request has not progressed anywhere at all so far. Perhaps it is time to raise a complaint with the TIO.


I did reply to the email with a mobile number (the same one listed in my TPG accounts), so let's wait and see what happens next. Although I don't expect much to happen given how incompetent TPG support and their processes are (Audrey is the exception who has been awesome so far).


Hi @tle52, the cancellation request has been received by our Cancel team. You should receive an email confirmation on your email within the next 24-48hrs. Please make sure to also check your spam/junk folder. 


Let us know if there's anything we can assist you with. 



Level 2

@Ahra_G Any updates on the cancellation request/confirmation? It's now the end of the week and I have waited more than the stated 24-48 hours and still no communication at all from TPG via email (yes, I have checked SPAM/JUNK folder too) or to my mobile.


Why is it so difficult to cancel an account with TPG? Looking through the TPG community, there are many posts with people trying to cancel as well, so clearly something is wrong with the TPG support and processes.


Please look into this matter urgently. I tried to do the right thing by notifying TPG early since 03-March and giving them slightly more than 30 days notice. I have been more than patient since then but nothing has happened. But since it is too difficult, I will now go ahead and raise this with the TIO if there are no updates by the end of the day.


I have been a customer with TPG for close to 20 years, but can safely say this will be the last time as I have no intentions of coming back again. It is just to difficult and the lack of support and ownership is appalling. Again, why is it so difficult? I can cancel an account in minutes with other NBN companies by filling out online form and get refunded any unused credit too, unlike TPG.


We've sent a follow up on this one, @tle52 . We'll keep an eye on your account and make sure this gets done.