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NBN compensation

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I was told the NBN refunds would begin rolling out at the start of april? then I was told that I would recieve the compensation before the 28th of april. It is now the 30th of April. I have spoken to accounts, and a supivisor who told me that she would call me back today, but I've yet to hear anything. 


Does anyone know what's going on?? Unfortunatly I am in need of this money, and TPG are being no help.


The customer service of TPG is appauling and will be going back to iinet as soon as I possibley can. No idea why I didn't just stick with them when I moved house. I will also be contacting the ombudsman in regards to this issue. This is just one of many problems I've had with this poorly run company. 



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I was told mid April, then just "some time in April" haven't received anything yet.
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I waqs sent an email saying it would be paid by end of March, then after two phone calls to TPG, I was informed before the end of April.
The longer TPG holds on to OUR money, the more interest they earn to offset their compensation payout.
TPG used to be a great provider and had a good customer service record, until they were taken over or "merged" with the new overseas owners several years back.....all that matters now seems to be $$$$$$ and no care whatsoever for their customers. The outright lies and misleading information will continue, until you complain to the industry ombudman about their business practices.

Cant wait until they have an Enquiry into communications providers, just like the banks are being exposed currently.


Hi bradleycroll87


Welcome to the TPG Community! 


Apologies for the lack of contact received as expected. I can see that this issue has been raised to the NBN dedicated team handling the comepensation cases. 


The department is already closed for tonight but I have requested a contact to be made tomorrow. Should you have another preferred time to receive the call, please do let us know.


Thank you!



@rani-may wrote:
I was told mid April, then just "some time in April" haven't received anything yet.

We have likewise replied to your post located here:


We'll wait for your details via PM. 


Thank you! 

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They've been stalling for 2 months now.. I have not heard of anybody being refunded yet.. I have also been given timeframes which have not been met.. Time to contact the ACCC, and also redirect my hard earned money to another company.


Hi bradleycroll87rani-mayhustlah22


Thank you all for your patience during this time. We apologise the refund wasn’t provided during our initial estimated timeframe. The compensation process is quite complex and we are processing refunds in batches rather than individually.


We have included your refund in an upcoming refund batch which should be within the next week.