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No option to activate international roaming

Level 2

I have the T4G medium plan which will be cancelled at the end of this month.

I have just gone overseas and the mobile service accounts page has been changed since I requested cancellation so I no longer have to button to access the option to activate international roaming.

Is there some other way to have this activated, especially as I am now overseas so calling the mobile 1300 support number is not easy (not least because my TPG sim card is not working now)?

Thanks, Sam

Hi @samgreen10


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to check your account and can confirm that you should still be able to activate the roaming, since the service is not yet cancelled.

You may refer to this article for the guide: How to activate International Roaming


If you still unable to activate the roaming, please send me a PM with the screenshot or picture of the options appearing on your screen for us to report this further.




Level 2

Hi @BasilDV 

Thanks for the reply, I have sent you a PM with a screenshot showing that the only button visible is the Mobile Usage button and no option for Mobile Service Control Panel.

Look forward to your reply.