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Poor website and call centre service

Level 3
I have been very frustrated with the accounts dept and the call centre service . I had problems with direct debit changes. There seems there is no tracking of my calls and emails to both accounts and support depts. I have to repeat the same messages over and over again every time I contact them. The call centre is unable to work with common sense. I have made more than 10 calls to resolve an account problem and it is still not fixed.
The TPG website is archaic and useless. Trying to make changes reveals that the space given is inadequate to take in a longer account name as it has a limit to the number of letters or alphabets.
The TPG app is absolutely useless as it is not working. It should be removed for download as it is incompatible with the updates of operating systems of iPhone.
I suggest TPG review and update their website and perhaps get another provider for their call centres. I have never encountered such problems with banks or even insurance companies.
I am now in the process of changing internet providers . I tried lodging a complaint to the company but could not contact a decent person to try and fix the above issues
TOG has grown too big with acquisitions of other companies but has not invested in updating their websites and call centres

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