Scam email or not?

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I received this email.  I went through normal channels to log on and can see nothing wrong with my account.

We were unable to process your invoice


We are having trouble authorizing your credit card.

To ensure that the service will not be interrupted, you need to update your payment details.

To quickly resolve this click: Login to your Account  then you will be prompted to update your details.

Kind regards,



Looks to be spam.    Right click on the link to see the website behind it.  Or hold your finger on the link on Android.  Don't logon to it.


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Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


To learn how to send a private message, click here.  


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I got one of those emails too. Trying to forward it on to report it but can't see where to do that. Does TPG not check out phishing scams any more?


Hi @Vici23


You may set up a filtering to your Email account to lessen or prevent receiving phishing or spam mails.


Refer to this previous thread: Email SPAM Filter



Level 3

Yes it is. As stated, look at the email address. TPG will ask you to go to great lengths to report it to scam watch but I think it is their responsibility. There was a more disturbing email a month or so ago. It was sent via this forum and I hadn't used it for a long time until then. So they are not scrolling for your address. The have them lock stock and barrel. Who knows what else they have.. I for one want to know how they got them. I recall a company I deal with saying our addresses had been hacked but no damage was done. I wondered if it was TPG.

Also always put the cursor on the address and you might see it goes elsewhere. These are the bad ones.

Don't be afraid to check.