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TPG My Account - Checking your calls and usage online

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This article will step you through how to check your Internet data usage, your home phone calls and costs as well as your mobile usage.


Checking your Internet usage

If you are on a limited data plan, you will be able to check on your Internet data usage.


Click on Check Your Account Usage.



This will show your usage for your current billing period. If you are looking for usage during a previous billing period, click on the relevant billing period listed on the page.



Quick Tip: Read this TPG Community thread regarding Internet usage: Account Usage


Checking your home phone usage

To check your home phone usage, click on View TPG Home Phone Service Account.





Then click on Home Phone Usage




You will be presented with a list of billing periods with the most recent at the bottom.

If you are looking for call charges made on a particular day, simply click on the relevant billing period.


Checking your mobile usage

Check out the TPG Community article: Checking Your Mobile Usage


In more detail. Once you follow the above steps.




The Home Phone Usage screen will also indicate the Home Phone add-on bundled with your broadband service.


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