Something seems odd.

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When I've joined TPG about 10+ years ago I supplied my Bank Account for automatic billing for Internet, home phone and Mobile. And it has been that - automatic billing - for all those years, no other contact required for account purposes. * Very Happy with that*


Today I received a Text message from 'TPG' stating that my Invoice is now available to download or update payment details at I logged into my account via FireFox (NOT via the address in the text) trying to figure out what gives ?

The Invoice Number supplied in the text (789085802) is completely 'out of whack' with all previous invoice numbers which have systematically progressed from 11######  through to 12####### - no variation.

Reason for posting: Has TPG suddenly changed their invoicing processes or is this a scam ?

What also bothers me is that if this is a scam, then how did they get my phone number and know that I used TPG - or was that a lucky guess ?

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I too am on automatic debit to the bank and have been for years. To me that looks like an attempted scam.


Hi @fneill1503 


We do not give out notifications that the invoice is ready for download.


It is viewable on the TPG My Account page. 


If the said invoice number is not listed on your online account, then it is a scam or phishing SMS.


Please report it using the instructions here:



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Thanks for replies, much appreciated.

And BasilDV, I've sent the information to the appropriate section you noted.

As I said earlier, what really bothers is they have my name, mobile number and that I'm with TPG.

Although I rarely go on the internet using my mobile so it's possible that little bit of surfing was captured but fortunately I don't keep any personal information stored on my mobile.



You're welcome, @fneill1503